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Who is Bis Defendor for?
It is for all air operators that need and are interested in make an efficient management of the SMS (Safety Management System). It is ideal to facilitate and automatize safety monitoring of smaller teams. The tool delivers technical guidance and allows efficient use of the resources of the organization.
How to register
It is easy! Simply create an account with your email password and basic organization information (business name tax ID and address). Then invite the collaborators. They will have access profiles according to their functions. The first registered user in the tool automatically becomes the administrator of this account.
Is access limited during the free period?
No! You will have access to all the functionalities of the platform to allow you to know every detail.
What are the payment options?
We use PayPal online payment system. If you do not have a PayPal account yet get it here:
Is it possible to cancel the service at any time?
Yes! The subscription can be cancelled anytime. And it will remain active only until the end of the month of the cancellation of the contract.
After the cancellation of the service how can I do to subscribe to the tool again?
Just enter to the system using your account and the invitation to subscribe again will appear on the screen.
Is the data lost after the cancellation of the account?
No! Even after the cancellation of the account you can log in and download the reports of risk recorded in our database.
Will I have to pay for the updates of the tool?
No! Updates of the tool are included in the subscription service and you will not pay for them.
The price of the tool will be fixed?
The price of the tool could be updated annually according to the inflation rate or other variables but you will be always notified in advanced.
Are the registered riks confidential?
The name of the organization and its relationship to the registered risks will not be publicly disclosed. However the exchange of the adopted solutions is extremely important to support the community to minimize the time used to decide some solution. Once again: the names will not be shared but only the solutions adopted.
How to report a system error in Bis Defendor?
The error reporting form can be accessed from the main menu and at the end of each process. But it is also possible to communicate through our contact page. This way you will contribute to the evolution and improvement of the platform.
Is it possible to import/export data from the tool?
Yes! But not all the profiles have these functions. Only the safety manager is able to export data reports and upload/downolad SMS documents.
Who can alter the information of registered SMS documents?
Only the safety manager has access to edit the SMS documents. The other profiles can only query the documents.
How many users can I invite to my plan?
Bis Defendor offers packages of services to its customers. From the most basic to the most complete there is no user limit.
Who is responsible for hazard reporting?
All users can report hazards into the system. It is important to encourage this habit in all employees of the organization because the more hazards recorded the more representative is the monitoring of the reality of the operations of the organization.
Who is responsible for risk classification?
Only the safety manager has access to the classification and evaluation of the risks according to the SMS standards.