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Risk manager for safer flights
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Accident prevention is a decisive factor to keep operative in commercial aviation. With our tool you will be able to map a sequence of events and minimize their consequences.
Report the hazard
You just need a mobile device (cellphone or tablet) to send a text, picture, audio or video containing the identified hazard.
The safety manager of your organization defines further steps by assessing the type of risk and the required mitigation actions.
With all the information on the hand, the final decision making optimizes resources, efforts and facilitates the efficient the administration of the SMS (Safety Management System).
Made for small great teams
Our tool automatizes processes. This way you will not need to increase the size of your team to get an efficient management of the risks.
Flight schools
Agricultural aircrafts
Now it is a regulation
In Chile, Safety Management is a requirement of the DAN 152, since January 2016. You can check the SMS regulations of your country and in ICAO Annex 19.
Collaboration makes the difference
With the tool, all team members will be able to report hazards, enhancing the monitoring of possible threats.
Bis Defendor is a multi platform tool very easy to use. The hours saved by improving safety management could be reinvested in other tasks of your organization.
Using Bis Defendor to manage the SMS diminishes the investment in man hours
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